Our Health Providers

George Zdravkov M.D. (Bulgaria), D.Sc./ L.Ac.

  • Bulgaria: Medical University (MD), Residency in Neurology and Sub-specialty in Radiology.
  • USA: Midwest College of Oriental Medicine (Racine, Wisconsin); Harvard AcupunctureChina: Longhua Hospital, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 2014.
  • Sri Lanka: Doctor of Science & Visiting Professor in the Open International University of Complimentary Medicine.

Fascinated by the potential of complementary medicine, he has been fusing Eastern and Western medical modalities in treating patients for over 20 years. Utilizing his personal research and bioenergy diagnostics, Dr. Zdravkov has published four books and seven articles focusing on fundamental theories in traditional Chinese medicine, as well as on the connection between traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine. His latest book,  Qigong Hand Diagnostics: The Method of Bioenergetic Diagnostics will be available on Amazon.com in 2018.

Dimitrina Vizinas, DO

  • Specialties: Board Certified in Family Medicine.
  • Interests: Functional Medicine, Nutrition, Medical Acupuncture.
  • Bachelors: Loyola University Chicago, Dual Bachelors in Biology and Psychology.
  • Doctorate: Midwestern University/Chicago College of Osteopathic medicine.
  • Residency & Chief: Advocate Lutheran General Hospital/Family Medicine.
  • Fellowship: University of Arizona/Integrative Medicine Fellowship.
  • Fellowship: IFM/ Functional Medicine Fellowship.
  • Homeopathy Training: CEDH.
  • Medical Acupuncture: HELMs Institute.

Dr. Vizinas has worked diligently over the years to expand her medical knowledge. She firmly believes that the power to heal lies within everyone but it sometimes just needs a little nudge. She works with her clients to create comprehensive and personalized healing plans to the utmost detail. When she is not immersed in further training or patient care, you will find her spending time with her family.


Our Supporting Staff

Vania Zdravkova, Office Manager & Front Desk
Vania oversees all activity in the office, from coordinating patient care to the finest details of our office operations. Vania’s contributions to the practice and success of The Center for Integrative Medicine are invaluable.

Marylu Simental, Front Desk, Staff & Billing Supervisor
Marylu is an expert in patient and staff relations. Her expertise in billing and insurance policies allows us to provide a comprehensive  array of affordable services to both insurance and self-pay patients. Marylu’s patience and peaceful energy is essential to everyone in the practice.

Teodora, Imaging Services & Staff Support 
Teodora is a cheerful team-member who can be seen wearing many hats on a day to day basis. She is a skillful Imaging Technician and is in charge of Thermography and Ultrasound services. In addition, she assists all our operations from in-office laboratory services to Front Desk tasks. 

Ilona, Phlebotomist
Celeste is an exceptionally skilled  phlebotomist. Not only is she proficient in the run-of-the mill standard of care testing, but she has an advanced training in Functional medicine testing. She easily works with pediatric and adult patients. Celeste strives to provide personal and efficient care to all of our patients. 

Staff In Training 

Our Clinic is a learning site for health providers of all paths. New faces are always welcome:

Araceli (Front Assistant): Monika is currently training as our Medical Receptionist. She has an excellent background in customer relations & is always happy to work with everyone. 

Monica (Dr Vizinas’s Assistant): Monika is a skilled phlebotomist who strives to achieve excellence in everything she undertakes. Her gentle compassion and desire to help all in  health and happiness healthy have steered her out of lab to currently train as Dr. Vizinas’ Lead Assistant. 

Resident Physicians: Our Center is a learning site for the Family Medicine Department of Advocate Lutheran General Hospital. Resident Physicians rotate in our center for approximately 4 weeks at a time and use this opportunity to experience a window in the world of Integrative Medicine.