Dr. David Kizor DC. CAc. TRT.


Dr. David Kizior, DC, is a natural medicine practitioner with extensive training in the treatment of muscle, joint, and bone conditions. Dr. Kizior’s background is enhanced by his ability to get results through the combination of multiple therapies. His clinical training involved working within a military hospital, side-by-side some of the best and brightest doctors, and utilizing the most advanced equipment. These doctors helped mold him into what he has accomplished today. He can treat a wide-array of conditions giving him a full scope of practice. This allows Dr. Kizior to take his patients a step further. His practice is built upon correcting the problem so the pain doesn’t come back. He strives to get his patients better quickly in a way that works and fits the patient’s needs. Lastly, Dr. Kizior is passionate on empowering the people in his community and his patients to achieve their optimal health with a balanced lifestyle.

Pain-free Corrective Neck and Back Pain

Healthy Curves Scoliosis Correction

Headache and Migraine Solutions

New You Weight Loss

Parkinson’s Balance and Strength

Strong and Healthy Pregnancy Prep

Clear and Free Ears

Healthy Aging and Wellness Care

Back-to-your-Sport for Athletes