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Which Provider should I ask for?

Both Health Providers:
<> Provide an Integrative and Alternative healing paths
<> Neither provider offers Primary Care Services 

If you have a particular need and are not sure who to book an appointment with, please contact our office for assistance.



Dr Zdravkov

Dr Vizinas

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dr. Zdravkov integrates his European Traditional Neurology and Radiology medicine background with Traditional Chinese medicine techniques and methodology (45 minutes-1 hour for new patient visit. Follow up  30 minutes).

Does not accept Insurance

Acupuncture Services.
Dr Zdravkov leads our Acupuncture services. For more information, please visit our Acupuncture page.

Functional Medicine

Dr. Vizinas integrates her Traditional Family medicine background with Integrative & Functional approaches in her consultations. She focuses on long term resolution of medical issues and emphasizes lifestyle techniques to attain and retain health. ( 1- 1.5 hours  for new patient visit. 30-60 minutes for a Follow-up).

Accepts Certain Insurance plans

Thermography Services
Dr Vizinas leads Intergral Med Thermography’s services. For more information please visit our Thermography section.