We see patients of all ages and complexities. If you are uncertain if our services will benefit you in your healing journey, please call our office.

Dr. Vizinas follows pregnant patients and newborns. She can function as both consultant or PCP/Primary Care Physician based on the client she working with. Although she has done so in the past, she currently does not deliver babies. Our office does not carry immunizations on site, but if and when those are needed, patients will be guided where to obtain proper services.

Dr. Zdravkov does not function as a Primary Care Physician in the United States. He is a specialist and a consultant in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and as such, we recommend patients seeing him to also be overseen by a personal physician.

We highly recommend proving prior medical records, including those from overseas, to be brought to the first office visit or provided to the office a few days prior to your first appointment. This helps our providers to be more thorough during your evaluation .

Traditional Care such as Annual Physicals, Well Child Visits, Acute and Chronic Visits
We follow standard of care guidelines for preventative health and treatment of acute and chronic conditions as much as possible based on patient preference.

Integrative /Transitional Chinese Medicine Evaluations and Treatments
Dr. Zdravkov Integrates his examination, evaluation, and treatment of patients via Traditional Chinese Medicine methodology. (45 minutes-1 hour for new patient visit. Follow up  30 minutes).

Integrative Functional/Integrative Medicine Evaluation and Treatment
Dr. Vizinas integrates her traditional training with Functional medicine and multiple healing modalities in her visits and evaluation. ( 1- 1.5 hours  for anew patient visit. 30-45 minutes for a  follow-up visit).

The office offers Acupuncture Treatment when appropriate. A limited evaluation by one of our providers is required to determine if acupuncture is appropriate and safe for you. (~ 30-45 minute sessions, ~ 10 sessions/course)

We offer thermography services to the health community and our patients. For details, please see  the Thermography section of our website.

Advanced Testing
The office blends multiple testing modalities such as urine, saliva, blood, serum, hair, and stool based on the needs of our patients. Sample basic lab work includes inflammatory markers, cholesterol, sugar testing, etc. Sample Advance lab work includes, but is not not limited to Hormonal testing, Stool and Food Sensitivity testing, Toxin Evaluation, etc. No one test is all-telling, and we recommend patients speak with our providers/staff is they are interested in a particular test.