Which Provider should I ask for?

Our Integrative medicine providers work together and share medical information when necessary for the comprehensive treatment of patients of all ages and complexities. Even though they both can provide an alternative path of healing to traditional medical practices, their approaches are a bit different: please see bellow for a quick guide to help  choose the right provider for you

If you have a particular need and are not sure who to book an appointment with, please contact our office for assistance.

Dr Zdravkov

No PCP/Primacy Care Services (Patients responsible for own PCP)

Focus: Traditional Chinese Medicine

Does not accept Insurance

Dr Vizinas

Offers PCP/Primary Care Services (no delivery)

Focus: Lifestyle Medicine, Functional Medicine, Thermography

Accepts Certain Insurance plans *Does not accept Medicare/Medicaid
* Please contact our office and inquire about your coverage


Dr Zdravkov

Dr. Zdravkov integrates his examination, evaluation, and treatment of patients via Traditional Chinese Medicine methodology. (45 minutes-1 hour for new patient visit. Follow up  30 minutes).

The office offers Acupuncture when appropriate. An evaluation by one of our providers is required to determine if acupuncture is appropriate and safe for you before you begin a treatment course. These are typically ~ 30-45 minute sessions for a ~ 10 sessions/course. 

Dr Vizinas

Traditional Care:
(Annual Physicals, Well Child Visits, Sports Physicals, Woman’s Health visits, Pre-surgical clearance, and Acute and Chronic Visits, etc)
We follow standard of care guidelines for preventative health and treatment of acute and chronic conditions during these visits. If time allows, integrative care will be adjunctly provided.

Integrative / Functional Consultation
Dr. Vizinas integrates her traditional training with Integrative & Functional medicine and multiple healing modalities in her visits and evaluation. ( 1- 1.5 hours  for new patient visit. 30-60 minutes for a Follow-up visit based on complexity).

Traditional Visit

— Annual Exam/Complete physical exam and review of body systems
— Need for medication refills
— Immunizations and preventative care (colonoscopy, pap, Mammograms)
— Work forms/school physicals, Pre-surgical clearance

These are visits for services you can receive in a traditional Family medicine clinic; many are prevention focused, such as minimizing health risks and managing current disease states within the framework of standard of care.

Urgent/Acute/Same Day Appointment: This type of appointment is for a new symptom or a recent change in your health that you feel needs to be evaluated as soon as possible (for example: if you started to have a new belly pain, chest pain, abdominal pain, fall,   pain while urinating, etc..)

Integrative Consultations

Focus is to determine cause and establish treatment for a chronic medical problem/s (Fatigue, inability to loose weight, hormonal disturbance, abdominal pain, recurrent colds, etc). Most patients are surprised to find how their medical issue relates to the rest of their body or lifestyle.

These visits are for those looking for a comprehensive approach to health and focused on not only on symptom management, but establishing of root cause and work towards disease reversal.


We offer a wide range of Thermography services to the health community and our patients. For details, please see the Thermography section of our website.

Advanced Testing

The office blends multiple testing modalities such as urine, saliva, blood, serum, hair, and stool based on the needs of our clients. We work with state-of-the-art testing to ensure accurate and proper diagnosis and monitor the health of our clients.