Welcome To Integral Med
~ We are humbled and excited to be a part of your healing journey ~

Dear Patients,

We would like to ensure that your healing journey is filled with as little administrative stress as possible. Here, we have provided you with details about your visits and registration process. Please have follow the instructions bellow, complete your paperwork ahead of time and send back to us (e-mail/mail/ fax) . We look forward to focusing on You when you coming in.

Important Policies

Late Arrivals 

If you arrive late to your appointment or arrive without completed paperwork, please be aware that the visit will end at the originally scheduled time time. If you arrive  >10min of 30 min appointment or >20 min of 60 min appointment, the office staff reserves the the right to determine if your appointment will still occur or will be considered canceled in case of such event, especially if paperwork and staff triage still needs to completed before the health provider meets with you. 


Your appointment must be canceled or rescheduled at least 48 hrs (2 business days) prior to your consultations time or you will be charged a Cancellation fee. We will try  fill your appointment last minute but if not successful, the cancellation fee is $100 for new patients, and $50 for all other appointments.

No Show 

If you have confirmed but not not arrive or were not able to be reached for a scheduled appointment without a significant causes, you will be charged the full length of our appointment time. 


Arriving to your appointment without paperwork completed will limit the face-to-face time the health provider. Your face-to-face time with the health provider typically starts after Staff registers your arrival and all paperwork is completed. We strongly advise that you arrive early and send in paperwork before your appointment time.

–> Please bring/send in a copy of: any pertinent medical records with you (prior labs, images, health provider consultation notes, etc) AND Valid ID/Driver’s License or Other form of identifying ID with Picture

–> Please bring/send in a copy of: any insurance card that you have; even if our office doesn’t take your insurance, we often are able to negotiate discounts for labwork/imaging if needed

—>We require a functional E-mail address: If you do not have one, please create one prior to your visit. Inability to communicate with you digitally will limit your staff and information support

–> If you are currently taking any medications, supplements, vitamins, herbals, homeopathic, etc : please bring in the original bottles/scripts and be prepared to indicate their dosages, duration, and frequency. (Pictures are fine as well)

–> If your English is limited, ensure you have a Translator available to come with you to your visit OR check with the front desk if the health provider is versed in your language.

–> Minor Patients (<18 yrs of age) require a parent or legal guardian present at time of consultation and/or treatment.

New Patient

Dr Vizinas (–> (arrive 30 min prior to scheduled time) <–)

Dr Zdravkov (–> (arrive 15 min prior to scheduled time) <–)

Follow up Visit (–> (arrive 15 min prior to scheduled time) <–)

Dr Vizinas
Please Register & Activate your patient portal: Patient Portal . Instructions are provided at time of your initial visit.

Once your Patient Fusion Portal is active, you should upload these forms directly to your electronic chart for review.

Dr Zdravkov: no forms ((–> (arrive 15 min prior to scheduled time) <–)

If there are any questions or concerns, please contact us directly.

We are looking forward to working with you.