Dr Zdravkov’s newest book  Lip Diagnostics: New Reflection Zones of the Human Organs on the Lips expands on the knowledge of the already well-known microsystems of the human body: the reflection zones of the organs on the ears, irises, tongue, hands, and feet.

This book is the result of many years of work with thousands patients to prove that the manifestation of pathologic processes in the internal organs are reflected in a number of ways within the organ zones on the lips. Various disease processes may appear as spots, discolorations, cracks, depressions, or swellings. The manifestations of disease processes are clearly explained and illustrated with over 220 photographs.

Lip Diagnostics is a fast, easy, and effective way to discover which pathologic processes are occurring, or have occurred, in the human body. Applying laser therapy to the lip reflection zones results in a fast and powerful healing effect.The content of this book covers the skin, the pulmonary, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, urogenital, endocrine, musculoskeletal, brain, and nervous systems. By doing so, it demonstrates additional evidence for the wise aphorism: “As above, so below” and “The microcosmos is a reflection of macrocosmos”.

Dr.  Zdravkov’s book, Qigong Hand Diagnostics: The Method of Bioenergetic Diagnostics Based on Extended Skin Sensitivity is available on

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Qigong Hand Diagnostics. The Method of Bioenergetic Diagnostics Based on Extended Skin Sensitivity is the first book that presents medical points from both Western and Eastern traditions:

1) The methodology of Qigong Hand Diagnostics (Method of Bioenergy Diagnostics).

2) Full classification of extended skin sensations in QHD.

3) The first electro- neurophysiological evidence for extended skin sensations (electrophysiological patterns).

4) The first sensitive images of the etiological factors, acupuncture points, and syndromes in TCM.

5) The first sensitive images of fifty diseases in Western medicine.

6) The first electro- neurophysiological evidence for sensitive images of the etiological factors and syndromes in TCM, and for the sensitive images of fifty diseases in Western medicine (electrophysiological patterns).

7) The first attempt to create a bridge between Western and Eastern diagnostic mentalities and to create a new integrative diagnostic mentality.

8) A look into one of the deepest and hidden most secrets in TCM, since the beginning of medicine.

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