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EVRL Laser

EVRL Laser Therapy Clinic in Elmhurst, IL

The EVRL lasers are an FDA-approved low-level laser. The therapy is used to alter cellular functions and provide noticeable pain relief. Visit Integral Med to get specialized care. For more information, contact us today or schedule an appointment online. We are conveniently located at 340 W Butterfield Rd Suite 3C, Elmhurst, IL 60126.

EVRL Laser Therapy Clinic Near Me in Elmhurst IL
EVRL Laser Therapy Clinic Near Me in Elmhurst IL

Table of Contents:

What is EVRL laser therapy?
What does the EVRL laser treat?
What are the benefits of EVRL laser therapy?
How does EVRL laser therapy work?

Many different types of laser therapy are used to treat a variety of conditions, including cosmetic conditions, pain conditions, and inflammation through the use of gently heating targeted cells. This gentle heating of the cells encourages them to heal and regenerate, providing a wide range of benefits that vary depending on the intensity of the laser as well as the area being treated. Most laser treatments are very safe, with the more controlled wavelengths reducing any damage that may be done to surrounding tissues during treatment, such as with EVRL laser therapy.

What is EVRL laser therapy?

EVRL (Erchonia Violet Red Laser) laser therapy is a treatment that uses a low-level laser to provide pain relief to targeted areas. The laser energy is emitted through a hand-held device and can be easily customized to suit the specific needs of each patient, making them effective and versatile while remaining minimally invasive. The treatments themselves are very short and easy to administer, making them very convenient for all patients. Additionally, the treatments are pain-free and have no reported side effects, allowing for no health risks to be associated and the treatments remaining to be a safe and effective option. The EVRL is a newer technology from Erchonia including a violet wavelength that expands the variety of conditions that can be treated through laser therapy by using this device, now including the treatment of bacterial, viral, or fungal infections.

What does the EVRL laser treat?

The EVRL laser administers low-light energy into the targeted areas to stimulate the natural healing process, relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and restore function. Specific conditions that the EVRL laser treats include:

• Acne
• Symptoms of arthritis and osteoarthritis
• Carpal tunnel syndrome
• Fungal skin infections
• Lumbar or cervical radiculopathy
• Orthopaedic pain
• Muscular pain
• Post-surgical pain
• Pain management following an injury
• Microbial skin infections
• Neuropathic pain
• Sprains
• Tendinitis
• Whiplash

EVRL laser therapy treatments are an innovative option frequently used by chiropractors, pain specialists, MedSpas, and more to offer their patients not only noticeable pain relief but also anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties to minimize and treat infections while ensuring the health and safety of patients through treatment.

What are the benefits of EVRL laser therapy?

Aside from being a very minimally invasive, safe, and pain-free treatment that provides effective pain relief, there are many other benefits provided by EVRL laser therapy treatments, many of which are attributed to the biological effects of the therapy, including:

• Accelerated reparation of targeted tissues and cell growth
• Anti-inflammatory properties
• Improved activity of the targeted vascular system
• Increased metabolic activity
• Reduced formation of fibrous tissues
• Improved functioning of the nerves
• Improved healing from wounds
• Immunoregulation
• Triggering of specific acupuncture points.

The treatments are also very quick and require zero recovery time, making them very convenient for patients, even those who are incredibly busy, while still providing very effective results. EVRL therapy is an effective non-surgical option that comes with no side effects but is a great treatment to boost the natural healing and cellular regeneration processes of the body, allowing for faster healing from injuries or more invasive procedures while simultaneously reducing pain and inflammation to promote overall health and wellness. Most other pain management or anti-inflammatory treatments require the administration of medications or injections, making EVRL a natural treatment option for those looking for alternative therapies to the more traditional options.

How does EVRL laser therapy work?

EVRL laser therapy uses low-level laser energy that penetrates the layers of tissue to provide energy, effectively accelerating cellular reproduction and growth. The laser energy consists of light that is delivered in the same wavelength traveling in the same direction, and that does not disperse, allowing for the laser to be very effective in targeting and penetrating deep into the tissues to yield optimized results. The energy levels are optimized to provide very effective results while not risking damaging surrounding tissues as it is such as a controlled laser, while also being gentle enough to not cause any discomfort or sensation of the treated tissues being heated.

EVRL laser therapy is available at Integral Med. We encourage our new and current patients to visit us online for directions to our leading clinic. We serve patients from Elmhurst IL, Westchester IL, Addison IL, Carol Stream IL, Franklin Park IL, Berwyn IL, Bloomingdale IL, and the surrounding areas!