Thermography Services

Integral Med has been a providing Functional Medical Thermography services since 2017 to both professional and patient clients.
This non radiation, no contact, no pain imaging scan reveals inflammation and abnormal body function From Head to Toe.



Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (Thermography) is a totally non-invasive no- contact no-radiation painless technique for measuring variations in the heat emitted by the human body in order to visualize abnormalities.

• Personalized Report & Images by Certified Team : We work directly with both Heath Enthusiasts and Health Providers (Health Providers please contact our Thermography Manager directly before sending your clients over)

360 Quality Monitoring: Certified Technicians & Thermologist, Strict Study & Client Checklist Screens, Temperature Controlled Imaging Space, COVID Precautions

• Superb Capture & Analysis Software

• Digital HIPPA Compliant Virtual Data Sharing

• Personalized Imaging Panels for Clients and Health Providers

Direct Q&A with Reporting Physician

Easy Scheduling & Affordable Pricing


• Women’s Health: Breast Pain, Adjunct to Mammogram for Cancer Screening & Monitoring, Thyroid Dysfunction 
• Joint & Soft Tissue Pain: Soft tissue Injuries, Whiplash, Muscle Spams, Sprain, Strains, Tendonitis, Fasciitis, Joint Pain Flares, Gout, Arthritis
Circulation: Varicose Veins, Arterial Inflammation in Extremities & Neck (Diabetic & Heart Health Screening)
Immunity: Skin, Sinusitis, & Gingivitis Infections, Rheumatologic Joint Disease
Digestion: Heartburn, Food Allergies & Sensitivities, Intestinal/Liver/Stomach Dysfunction
Detoxification: Toxin & Inflammatory Burden such as Tobacco & Metabolic Waste or Environmental Toxin Products, Lymphatic Congestion

…. and much more.

Thermography Studies

We provide a wide range of Thermography Studies (aka Regions of the Body that can be Scanned). You do Not need health care referral to undergo a Study. However, If you do have a HealthCare Provider that has recommended you undergo a specific study, please call the office:.


StudiesImages Obtained Description
FULL BODY 36Head, Neck, Trunk, plus extremities (arms, hands, legs, and feet)
HEALTH SCREENING 23 We image Body without extremities
BREAST8Breast images of all angles
REAST & THYROID COMBO12Full breast study and All Thyroid views (3)
Region of Interest (ROI)VariableWe image based on your area of interest:
Head & Neck
Chest, Heart, and Lungs
Abdomen & Lower back 
Providers: Please contact us for additional imaging options.

Female clients should be prepared to schedule 2 Initial Breast Studies to evaluate the breast region adequately. The 1st study establishes a baseline. It is followed by a 3 month or 6 month Breast Follow up Study depending on the assessed risk to determine rate of change in the breast area as this region is . After the Baseline Screening is complete, normal scan clients should follow the standard of care recommendations and undergo an the annual 12 month study that is FDA approved and recommended to accompany Annual Mammogram.


(Images & Report)
(Images, Report, & Consultation)
FULL BODY $375$450
Region of Interest (ROI)$100$200
Personalized Payment Plans Available.

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