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Thermography Packages

A Thermography Package (ThermoPack) allows you personalize your Thermography Experience by selecting the depth of Interpretation. Each Pack is designed to enhance your ability to understand your Body and move towards Wellness at your own pace.

ThemoPack Description Features
DISCOVERYThis service is designed for those that are curious about their bodies and have a health provider with whom they can discuss the results.+ Thermography Study
+ Digital Imaging Processing
+ Report

+ Health Screening
INTEGRAThis service is designed for those who would like a comprehensive look into their body’s function.+ Thermography Study
+ Digital Images Processing
+ Report

+ Health Screening
+ Health Assessment
+ Wellness Plan
+ Lifestyle Resources
+ 15-30 min Consultation with Dr Vizinas

Thermography Studies

We provide a wide range of Thermography Studies (aka Regions of the Body that can be Scanned). You do Not need health care referral to undergo a Study. However, If you do have a HealthCare Provider that has recommended you undergo a specific study, please call the office: We will contact your provider and make sure your their detailed orders are carried.

Comprehensive Studies

Comprehensive Studies are chosen by those seeing a more in depth evaluation. It is recommended that a Full Body Study or Health Screening study is done once/year as these are often used by health providers as preventative screens – much like your typical annual “thermo-physical.”

<> Total Views: 36 <>
We image Body head to toes plus extremities (arms, hands, legs, and feet)

<> Total Views: 23 <>
We image Body without extremities

Focused Studies

Focused studies are named for the region of interest that is under current focused examination or needs to be monitored more frequently due to a health risk.

<> Total Views: 9 <>
Breast images of all angles + upper back view

Female clients should be prepared to schedule 2 Initial Breast Studies to evaluate the breast region adequately. The 1st study establishes a baseline. It is followed by a 3 month or 6month Breast Follow up Study depending on the assessed risk to determine rate of change in the breast area as this region is . After the Baseline Screening is complete, normal scan clients should follow the standard of care recommendations and undergo an the annual 12m study that is FDA approved and recommended to accompany Annual Mammogram.

<> Total Views: 13 <>
Full breast study with upper back view and All Thyroid views (3)

Region of Interest (ROI)
<> Total Views: Variable <>
We image based on your area of interest:
Head & Neck
Chest, Heart, and Lungs
Abdomen & Lower back 

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