Thermo FAQ


What is thermal imaging used for?
Thermography is used as an adjunct in health diagnosis: it can show early signs of inflammatory abnormalities as well  monitor therapy progress for many conditions and injuries. Bellow is an abbreviated list of the common conditions thermography has been applied to: if you have a particular concern, please contact our staff directly.

  • Vascular disease: Varicose veins,  Arthrosclerosis for evaluation of stroke risk and heart attack, Coronary arthery disease detection
    Functional and Musculoskeletal Pains & Dysfunctions: Headache, Referred pain syndrome, Unexplained Pain, RSD, Joint pain, Injury of bone or soft tissues, Arthritis/Disk disease, Whiplash injury, Plantar fasciitis, Ankle sprain..
  • Digestive disorders: Heartburn, Food allergies and sensitivities, Indigestion
  • Dental disorders: gingivitis, tooth infection, TMJ
  • Hormonal imbalances (women): Breast disease evaluation such as Breast pain, Dense /fibronodular/fibrocystic breasts; Breast Cancer risk assessment by detection inflammatory or abnormal thermal breast patterns; abnormal Thyroid function
  • Immunity: Low immunity, Chronic Sinusitis and other surface infections such as those of extremities, back, or face, Seasonal allergies
  • Metabolic disease: diabetes (sugar disease)
  • Liver and Detoxification: detection of overwhelmed toxin / inflammatory body burden, lymphatic congestion

Does the Scan tell me I have cancer? 
Thermograms, just like most other diagnostic imaging tools, are used for screening only. Only a biopsy can definitively diagnose cancer. 
However, thermography can show tumor development 6-8 years before mammograms can detect it, and can show lymphatic congestion as a precursor to disease and that’s why it FDA approved as an adjunct to Breast Mammogram.

Can Thermogram tell me if I have a something inside like a broken bone, an ovarian or breast cyst, or a gallbladder stone?
Thermogram is not an alternative to structural studies (such as X- Ray/CT/MRI) because it cannot evaluate the structure of internal organs. It is a functional study: it detects areas of dysfunction/inflammation in the body by imaging hot and cold areas.

Where can I go to lean more about Thermography?
The American Academy of Thermology (AAT) is the premiere organization in North America for the advancement of scientific development and education for medical infrared imaging. It was founded in 1971 and is a multi-disciplinary organization that promotes education, research and the clinical application of medical infrared imaging. You can visit it website :

What is different about your Thermography service compared to others ? 
Our camera is a Class 1, FDA cleared medical device with 510(k) clearance number K063047.  Most of the scanners used at other clinics are industrial devices that have been modified for clinical use. Our camera is specifically designed for medical use and is specifically calibrated to read body temperatures to <.05°C at 30°C at 640 x 480 array size or over 307,000 pixels. It is designed to control thermal drift and does not have the infrared blocking optical lens of an industrial camera.  Simply put, it is the best and most advanced camera for thermography imaging.

Do I need a referral or prior authorization?  
 No you do not need a referral. Most patients come to us referred by practitioners, but we do not require a referral for the scan. We strongly recommend that you choose a Level 1 scan you have a health provider who will discuss the images and report with you.

Is thermal imaging FDA registered or approved practice?
Yes. It was FDA registered in 1982. It is FDA specifically approved as an adjunct screening to Breast Mammography since 1982.

How long will the appointment take?  A thermography scan appointment will typically take 20 minutes for the Breast area and 40 minutes for Full Body Thermography.

Is this a “One and done” type of a scan?
Your body is constantly changing as it daily responds to various stressors (emotional, physiological, nutritional, infections, toxin, etc.). Evaluating for changes over time allows to determine if a scan pattern is pathological or a your personal baseline. This can be done through having a set of images to compare separated by time (usually 3 months, 6 months, 12 months etc.) 

What happens when I have a thermal scan taken?
A thermal scan takes approximately 15 — 60 minutes depending on which part of the body is being scanned. You will remove all jewelry and clothes from the part of the body being scanned (for full body scans you leave underpants on), and will be asked to wear a surgical gown. For a breast scan, you will be ask to disrobe from the waist up.

Which certification should a thermographer have to perform this exam?
Our Office hold certification from an  AAT with approved code of ethics and practice protocols that include quality control guidelines.

 Who evaluates my scan?  
 Dr Dimitrina Vizinas will evaluate the images and your intake; She creates your the report and if applicable wellness interventions. To learn more about Dr Vizinas please visit our website’s section labeled Our Health Providers.

How far in advance should I schedule an appointment?
–> First time Self- directed scan are recommend to be scheduled approximately 1 wk ahead as our registration and intake process is comprehensive and usually takes clients approximately 90 min to complete at home.
–> Same Day appointments possible if you being referred by another provider for an urgent scan or you are doing a repeat study (re-intake process is significantly shorter).
 —> If you are coming from out of town and need a specific date we advise that you call at least one week in advance and we will do our best to accommodate your time schedule.

Can friends or partners come to the study?   
If you have a friend or partner who would like to accompany you to the appointment, they are welcome to be present. You will be in a climate controlled room kept between 68 and 72 degrees and temperatures vary with the seasons, so depending upon the conditions they may be able to watch the exam but that is a judgment call by the technician.

How will I get my report for the scan?   
At time of registration, you will provide an e-mail address to which we will e-mail your Thermo packet. A paper copy to be mailed to you for an addition fee. 


Is thermal imaging covered by insurance?
At the present time, most insurance companies do not cover the procedure, Thermography is usually a self-pay service. Please check with your individual carrier for coverage- if there is we will provide you with a Superbill for you to submit.You are given a receipt for your visit, which can be used as a medical expense for your taxes if applicable

What forms of payment do you accept? 
We accept all forms of payment: cash, credit card, personal/business checks. 

When is a payment due and what it is for?
 Our policy is to receive payment in on the day of the infrared thermogram service. 

What does my payment cover? 
Your payment covers the comprehensive intake and registration process, performance of the scan by our technician, digital formatting of images and report by our physician for all studies. Level 2 and Level 3 studies include a 3rd piece to your Thermo Packet: The Wellness Review which is a comprehensive and personalized interventions to achieve wellness as well as one-on one Wellness consultation with Dr Vizinas.

It does not cover:
<> Labwork
<> Supplements 
<> Referrals to further specialists or imaging modalities
<> Level 1 scan 

Woman’s Health

Does it hurt to have a scan taken?  
No. There is no contact with the body or painful breast compression. 

 Is breast Thermography safe, even for pregnant or nursing women?  Yes, Infrared is completely non-invasive, does not use radiation, does not compress the breast and is completely 100% safe. Full Body Thermography should not be performed during pregnancy or while lactating.  Please feel free to call us to discuss your particular concerns with this issue:  If you are nursing please try to nurse as far from 1 hour prior to the exam as possible

Will my menstrual cycle timing or problems interfere with the scan?No, a thermogram can be performed at any point during your typical cycle or lack of one. 

What are the advantages of Thermographic Imaging? Thermography is able to produce heat maps of the body.  It can image changes in local physiology and blood flow unlike other clinical exams. Unlike mammography, accuracy of the test is not compromised by denser breast tissue, common in women under, 50 years of age. 

How does Breast Thermography compare to a Mammogram?  
Both are imaging tests that do not specifically diagnose breast cancer, but image changes in local tissues due to various causes. Both are superior to clinical or self-examination for detecting early pathological changes. Mammography detects anatomical changes and is more precise than Thermography in identifying the exact location of a lesion, while Thermography images physiological changes that occur much earlier than anatomical changes.   

Does Digital Infrared Imaging replace mammograms? 
No, DITI and mammography are tests based on two completely different principles, although they do complement each other.  DITI (Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging) can pick up signs of inflammation missed by mammography. Mammograms do not image temperature patterns. Mammograms can only show dysfunction after there has been a change in density of the tissue, such as is the case with micro-calcifications or where a tumor has formed.

How Often should I have a Breast Thermography?  
For females with previously normal thermogram and no other health issues, we recommend that you have a Thermography Scan once a year. If you are undergoing Mammogram screening, the Breast thermography should be time near Mammography study as well. 

I have a history of breast cancer, will Thermography be helpful?   
Yes. You can repeat thermographic scans as often as you would like without exposure to radiation, painful compression or exposure to toxic chemicals. Thermography is a good way to image increases in heat for patients who have had mastectomies removing mammograms as an option. It is also used as an adjust in monitoring remission cases as well as following the a breast cancer treatment. 

I have been diagnosed with breast cancer and I am undergoing active treatment undergoing. Will Thermography be helpful?
As the study is non-invasive, it will not interfere with you active treatment. However to ensure accuracy, you must wait at least 4 weeks after having a fine needle or core biopsy of the breast before a thermogram can be performed. Alsoyou must wait at least 8 weeks after having a lumpectomy or surgical biopsy of the breast before a thermogram can be performed.

 Is Thermography appropriate for Breast Implants?
Yes. The accuracy of Thermography is not affected in patients with implants. Since there is no compression there is zero risk of causing damage to the implants. Also there is no radiation that can cause drying of the implant membrane

Men’s Health

Isn’t thermography only for women?
Absolutely not- It is a common misconception. Men have tremendously benefited from undergoing a Studies as well:  early detection of cardiovascular disease (#1 killer of men), screening for diabetes and inflammation (most common culprits of liver disease and cholesterol, heart attacks, ,  disease), digestive issues (silent heartburn and cause of snoring), and let’s not forget about muscle and joint health. 

Any restrictions?
Please aware that if you have a physically demanding occupation or athlete, you should plan for No physical stimulation of at least 24 hours prior to the exam. 

Kid’s Health

Will my child benefit from Thermography?
Absolutely! Infrared thermography has been shown to be more accurate in detecting skin temperature changes in children, compared to adult population. It has been shown to be an effective additional diagnostic tool in number of different pediatric specialties. Just to name a few: burn assessment & healing, digestive issues such as reflux and food allergies and sensitivities, musculoskeletal issues such as bone fractures, joint inflammation, muscle spasm, sinus infections, environmental allergies, diabetic screening and many more.

How old can my child be to undergo Thermography?
Thermography has been successfully performed with children of all ages, as early as premature infants.

Is it safe?
Yes. No-contact, No- radiation, Non-invasive, No-stress.